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MLSP is a wealth of ongoing education and marketing training, and we hold live webinars all throughout the week to make sure our members get results. From ongoing and updated lead generation & marketing strategies to mindset, prospecting, team building, leadership, sponsoring, and everything in between, MLSP is your one-stop-shop for the best live training in the industry.

Join us on any one of our webinars & wake-up calls, and see for yourself how much value this community brings to the marketplace: MLSP can transform YOUR business!

NOTE: IF the upcoming LIVE webinar is not yet scheduled, you will be redirected to the MLSP home page. As soon as the upcoming webinar is scheduled, you can come back to this page, register, and see for yourself LIVE that MLSP is all about VALUE!


Daily Morning Wake-Up Call11 AM EST

Every Monday - Friday, MLSP hosts industry-wide wake-up calls so members can kick-start their day with a burst of inspiration & motivation from MLSP's leadership. Creating new empowering habits, re-wiring & re-programming the brain for success, and diving into personal development daily are some of MLSP's core values.

DIAL: 832-551-5901 PIN: 100669#


The Freedom Webinar

The Freedom Webinar1 PM EST & 8 PM EST

This call is designed for YOU if you are looking to get MORE LEADS and MORE MONEY with YOUR business. An exciting presentation of how the powerful MLSP platform can fuel your business, this presentation will open your eyes to how the top earners build their empires (and how YOU CAN TOO!)

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Fast Track to Success & System Overview

Fast Track to Success & System Overview9 PM EST

Get a more in-depth overview of the MLSP system, and physically see all of the incredible 'business-building' features you immediately get access to inside MLSP. This LIVE webinar will take you by the hand and show you what happens on the inside when you Join MLSP.

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Top Earner Hangout - Tips & Tricks to Win BIG

Top Earner Hangout - Tips & Tricks to Win BIG9 PM EST

Hosted by MLSPs top leaders, this is a MUST ATTEND HANGOUT because you will get some 'Top Earner Tips' on how to start building your business smarter, faster, with less time, and more fun! More leads and more cash-flow is the goal: Let our leaders open your eyes to what's possible as an MLSP member!

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The MLSP Magic Webinar

Industry-Wide Weekly Webinars - The Industry's Best 9 PM EST

Since 2008 MLSP has served the home business industry by providing more value than anyone else, period. This is a MUST ATTEND WEBINAR because we only bring PURE VALUE and the best of the best when it comes to building your business. Let us prove to you that we can help you! IMPORTANT: This webinar is open for anyone and everyone to attend!

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Does it Work? Since 2008, MLSP members have generated over 2,317,428 leads


Live the Dream

"Live the Dream" is MLSP's life-changing annual event that brings the MLSP community together for a weekend you will NEVER forget. "Live the Dream" isn't your normal industry event: It's like a family reunion even if you're Day 1 inside MLSP, and it's an experience that will transform your business and life forever.

On the "LTD" stage you will see some of the most influential MLSP leaders and industry rockstars coming together as one with one goal: Give you the BREAKTHROUGH you need to set yourself FREE! It doesn't matter what MLM / Biz Opp you promote because "LTD" is a generic, pitch-free, safe zone and breeding ground for you to network with some of the most successful marketers online today. "Live the Dream" has become one of the MUST ATTEND premiere events in the industry, and something you must experience for yourself!

Live the Dream 5

Fall 2014
Austin, TX
More details to come

Live the Dream will be taking over Austin Texas in the Fall of 2014. This even has been getting bigger and bigger every year, and shows no sign of slowing down. Make sure you get to Live the Dream V - You can sign up for the waiting list to receive updates and information about the upcoming event as soon as it is made available.

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LIve the Dream 5

MLSP's Past Events

LIve the Dream 4
Live the Dream 4

October 2011, Walt Disney World, Orlando FL

The second installment of Live the Dream brought some new players to the stage. We announced some new features and the training was unbelievably powerful. There is no place that ecompasses "Live the Dream" like that of Walt Disney World.

LIve the Dream 3
Live the Dream 3

October 2011, Walt Disney World, Orlando FL

The third installment of "Live the Dream" was held in Dallas, TX in 2012. An event of epic proportions, the world was again introduced to a brand new class of leaders who were emerging inside of MLSP and quickly becoming household names. Ray Higdon, Rob Fore, Michelle & Bill Pescosolido, Mark Harbert, Frank Marino, Diane Hochman, Justice Eagan, and Adam Chandler were just some of leaders being developed inside of MLSP, and the value they provided from the "Live the Dream 3" stage was impeccable.

LIve the Dream 2
Live the Dream 2

October 2011, Walt Disney World, Orlando FL

The second installment of Live the Dream brought some new players to the stage. We announced some new features and the training was unbelievably powerful. There is no place that ecompasses "Live the Dream" like that of Walt Disney World.

LIve the Dream
Live the Dream

October 2010, Las Vegas NV

The event that started it all. MLSP held nothing back when putting on this event, from an all star lineup to the hottest casino in Las Vegas. This event put Live the Dream on the map, and made it the most powerful training and networking event in the industry.

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April Marie Tucker

April Marie Tucker

Lawrence Tam

Lawrence Tam

Carl Willis

Carl Willis

Private Mastermind Retreats

Private Mastermind Retreats

One weekend that can change everything. MLSP's Private Mastermind Retreat is where you will experience the biggest breakthrough of your life. Imagine being surrounded by the world's best trainers in the most intimate setting imaginable where you get the 1-on-1 support you need to help you build your business. From doing some of the deepest, challenging, and most rewarding inner-work to eliminate what is holding you back so you can reach your full potential; to discovering your voice, uncovering your unique selling points, to physically setting up your custom funnels, to learning and implementing the best traffic sources, these exclusive retreats are the pinnacle of what MLSP has to offer. These retreats are intense, you will make bonds and friends for life, and you will leave an entirely different person with an entirely different business. NOTE: MLSP's Private Mastermind Retreats are by invitation ONLY.

Upcoming Retreat Dates TBA

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