Log into your back office, and you will see 4 words atop that sum up the MLSP Leadership philosophy: Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today. MLSP cultivates the expectation of leadership within every member that walks through it's doors, and it shows. Do a tiny bit of research and you will find that MLSP has developed some of the most influential leaders and wealthiest marketers you see online today, and YOU can be next!

When you join MLSP you will enjoy a fun, exciting experience with Leadership Levels and reward programs that incentivize one core MLSP value: Leadership. The Leadership Development program inside MLSP is what will take your business to the next level. Only Leaders who serve and provide value make money with a home business: MLSP is where leaders are born and value is what it's members provide.


EMT & MMT are the heart and soul of MLSP. These 2 groups consist of world leaders that train you live week in and week out so you can build the business of your dreams and create your life by design. Your new inner-circle mastermind team is waiting for you.

Executive Mastermind Team

The MLSP Executive Mastermind Team

The Executive Mastermind Team is the pinnacle of MLSP. EMT is MLSP's most exclusive VIP Leadership Group, and includes some of the most successful marketers and home business owners in the industry.

By application and private invite only, EMT members must have achieved at least a Leadership Level of L4 or above inside MLSP. EMT members play an active role in the MLSP community and consistently give back by hosting system-wide training webinars and wake-up calls via the MLSP platform. The EMT member is 100% committed to the long-term vision and mission of MLSP, and proudly serves the global MLSP community.

The EMT helps pave and design the future of MLSP, and in turn may be selected as trainers for our MLSP Private Mastermind Retreats (if selected, EMT trainers receive complimentary airfare and accommodation for these private, intimate, luxurious MLSP Leadership Retreats), VIP access to all MLSP events, and front-row seating for private, advanced MLSP webinar trainings reserved for this core group only.

Michelle & Bill Pescosolido
Dallas, Texas

"MLSP changed the entire direction of our business. We went from being on information overload, overwhelmed, sick and tired of chasing around my warm market to 6 figures in 6 months. MLSP gives you all the tools you need to build a successful business online. All in one place and it's packed with all the training you need. We went from nobodys with no experience online to a leader within our industry just by implementing the MLSP system of attraction marketing."

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers, Floriday

""It has been unbelievable since I found MyLeadSystemPRO how my life has changed. Since implementing MLSP, I've been fortunate enough to hit the ##1 income spot in my primary company and have gone on to make over $40,000 / month, and I really owe a lot of that to this system. I had 133 leads come in just over the weekend and it's all thanks to the training & community here in MLSP."

Rob Fore
Carson City, NV

"Imagine how your life would be different if you could virtually guarantee success in every thing you set you mind to. Would you be living in the house or working at the same job? Here's the #1 success secret of all time: Find what the leaders are doing and simply DO the same things! I'm a top 20 income earner with a team of over 11,000 world-wide. COPY leaders on this page, because now it is your turn."

Diane Hochman
Bristol, Connecticut

"I've been a successful marketer for 12 years now but I was trying to do it all myself. Keeping up on every trend and technique and trying to teach it all to your team can be exhausting and also keep you from doing what you need to do for your own business so I decided to plug into MyLeadSystemPro and boy was it one of the best business decisions I have EVER made! The training library and support plus the web pages and tools are top notch and now I have the time to really focus in on my leaders knowing that that whole team had access to state of the art resources."

Mark Harbert
Conceptión, Chile

"One of the things that I always struggled with in my business was leads. I have always loved what this industry was about, but leads were always the constant headache that I had to deal with just like every other network marketer in the game today. I struggled for years until I found MLSP and started to implement the training inside the system. When I really got focused and applied what I learned, within 3 months I had generated over 2500+ leads, signed up over 140+ people, and earned a spot on the Master Marketers Team inside MLSP. I am so grateful and so thankful for this community. MLSP is the place for you to take your business to an entirely different level."

Kate & Andrew McShea
Vancouver, Washington

"We found MLSP at a live event in April of 2012. Before we found MLSP we were trying to figure out how to make network marketing work. We were struggling to find more people to talk to and online/attraction marketing was so new to us. Then we found MLSP and it changed everything! MLSP gave us a system to leverage, trainings to plug into, actual effective marketing strategies to implement and a supportive community filled with successful online marketers. Since we started utilizing this system, we've been able to generate 92 leads in one day, generate 2,100 leads in one month and signed up 65 people in one month, and we are honored to be a part of the Executive Mastermind Team!"

April Marie Tucker
Merritt Island, Florida

"My Lead System Pro has been a life saver for my home business and I really cannot say enough about this system. Prior to joining MLSP in June of 2010 I was on the brink of giving up on all my dreams and goals. I knew as soon as I stumbled across MLSP that things would never be the same again in my business. I felt relieved and immediately took ACTION!! I started creating videos on Facebook before I even knew what content creation really was and to my amazement I started to have success. People started to call me about my business and my life has completely changed ever since then. I went from being a single mom working a grave yard at a casino as a cocktail waitress in Chicago to now living a life of freedom in beautiful sunny Florida. The journey has been amazing!"

Do MLSP Affiliates Make Money? Since 2008, MLSP Affiliates have earned $9,514,112.35 in Affiliate Commissions


Master Marketers Team

The MLSPMaster Marketers Team

The Master Marketers Team is MLSP's 2nd VIP Leadership Group and consists of the world's fast-moving rising stars. This very-talented, tight-knit team of successful marketers have proven themselves in the field, embrace the MLSP philosophies, and relentlessly give back to the MLSP community.

The MMT leaders have put up numbers that most business owners only dream of. MMT members have dialed in their businesses, built successful companies, and are now giving back to the MLSP community because they understand the ultimate MLSP Mission: Inspire every network marketer, entrepreneur, and home business owner in the world to realize their full potential and get results.

The MMT helps pave the future and direction of MLSP, and in turn receives tickets to select MLSP retreats, access to all MLSP live events, and exclusive seats to private, advanced webinars reserved only for the MMT.

Adam Chandler
Fort Collins, Colorado

"I plugged into this system and the step-by-step blueprint really made the difference in my business. I just generated 41 leads the other day! This system produces lay down sales for you. I make more money before I even wake up in the morning than I used to make in my old full-time corporate advertising job, and it is because of this system."

Mary & Dean Black
Atlanta, Georgia

"After 8 years of being serial entrepreneurs with various small businesses, we had an epiphany: owning a business is much more fun than being owned by one. As personal freedom junkies, parenting pioneers, wannabe pro golfers, books worms and aspiring world travelers, we realized that working 80 hours a week just didn't fit into our schedule. This discovery inspired us to set out on a quest to develop a laptop business that lead us to the world of online marketing. Happily married since March 2010 with a blended family including 3 kids, we're on a mission to help other aspiring free spirits escape the shackles of the work-for-a-living existence."

Steve Jaffe
Austin, Texas

"By 2008, I had enough. Enough of the "2-4 year plan" and "walk away passive income" preachers who hadn't managed to walk away from doing hotel meetings for 13 years straight, and obviously knew NOTHING about a "2-4" year plan. Enough of "time freedom" evangelists who seemed to spend all their time doing 3 way calls, webinars, prospecting, home meetings, and hotel meetings...and clearly had zero time freedom. MLSP has been the vacuum that's cleared away the cobweb of prepackaged nonsense many industry leaders hawk as "wisdom". Thank you Brian, Norbert and Todd. Thanks for innovating. Thanks for keeping it real."

Bert Bledsoe
Colorado Springs, Colorado

My Lead System Pro….It's an honor and privilege to be a part of such a DYNAMIC community!

What else could I have asked for when I was new! Before finding MLSP, I was a broke, bald, struggling networker, that had just quit my job. One of the very first things that grabbed my attention was the incredible leadership inside of the MLSP community. The trainings both live and available to study was phenomenal and provided a starting point for my marketing efforts.

Since I have started implementing the attraction marketing methods that I have learned with My Lead System Pro, my business has SKY ROCKETED!!! Over the past year, it has been an amazing journey. Going from unemployed and new to the network marketing and home based business community to : Winning multiple prizes in affiliate contests, even receiving FIRST PLACE and winning an iMac Air!!!! Combine that with becoming a top enroller, speaking on stage and creating a daily coaching program, and you have a happy marketer! The BEST part is YOU can tap into the MLSP platform and ROCKET your business too!

Justice Eagan
Annandale, New Jersey

"Just over a year ago I was really stuck. I was a broke waiter out of work with an injury. No income and mounting medical bills had me slipping further and further into debt. I had a 6 month old network marketing business that was going absolutely nowhere and had been sitting on the outside of MLSP looking in. I finally signed up out of desperation and spent the entire day soaking in all the value MLSP has to offer. Fast forward to today, and man what a difference. I have a growing network marketing business, generate sleep income, and thanks to roughly 50 free leads a day, I will never run out of people to talk to. I am on the fast track to my dream lifestyle and you can be too!"

Lena Bjorna
North Hills, California

"I was among MLSP's first batch of members when the company launched back in 2008. I was new to online MLM, and since my primary company had its own marketing system, I decided to just focus on using their system for a while. But I remained a member of MLSP and continued to plug into the training. And it was by implementing the principles of Attraction Marketing taught in MLSP that I quickly became the #1 female earner with my primary program, went on to win multiple marketing awards, and built a downline of several hundred reps in more than 20 countries on five continents."

Patricia Sweeney
Richmond, VA

"I was tired of living a reactive life. I wanted control and choices. I didn't have all the answers, but when I found MLSP, I at least had a clear direction to start moving in and I just dug in and started taking massive action. I focused on the daily activities I needed to accomplish that would result in the most revenue and never let up. Even though it sounds almost too simple.... LEADS is the answer to building any kind of business online. With MLSP, I hit L3 in ten and a half months, I had my first five figure month within twelve months of my online business, I achieved the "car level" in a brand new MLM in 28 days with no previous MLM team, and I consistently top the MLSP and other Sales Leader Boards. Nothing can stop you from achieving anything you can dream up if you don't let it. When I got out of my own way and figured that out my life began to change drastically. I cannot thank this community, the leadership development and every single person who offered encouragement and support along the way. I'm just getting started and I'm honored to be on this journey along side of you."

Aron Parker
West Palm Beach, Florida

"After 12 years of failure in Network Marketing and learning A LOT, I finally started to see a small light at the end of the long tunnel after watching and paying attention to the leaders that were popping up through the MLSP community. The only thing I wish I had done sooner in my career is join MLSP and really DIVE in! Being able to sponsor over 150 people into my MLM business in my first 2 months is a direct result from what we learn here at MLSP! It's called Attraction Marketing, and it works! If you want the BEST of the BEST tools / training / systems / resources to make money with Affiliate Marketing and/or become a TOP Income earner with your current biz, then you need MLSP! I'm now earning 5-figures monthly from home because I put in the TIME the WORK (for years) and got 100% laser FOCUSED!!!"

Bluesman of MLM Frank Marino

"My networking business was just not working the way I thought it would work out. I ran out of people to talk to and I needed a solution fast. I stumbled upon MLSP and finally understood why I was failing. I wasn't generating enough leads for my business. I didn't have enough people a day that were interested in my business. As soon as I started implementing what the leaders were teaching, my business went from no money at all to my first 5 figure month within 3 months. I generated over 2000 leads in just one month and signed up over 78 people in just one month!"

Steven & Lanacia Rachel
Las Vegas, Nevada

"We struggled for years in the Network Marketing industry and was almost ready to give up until we found MLSP. We knew that just going to work everyday, living check to check wasn't the best plan for us. Unexpectedly, my mother became sick and we had to start caring for her financially because she was no longer able to work. We immediately turned to MLSP for guidance and knowledge to help take our business to new levels of success. After applying several marketing principles we learned from the trainings provided from MLSP, we were able to quit our jobs in 3 months, earn more money and spend more time taking care of my mother and family. Today we have grown a successful business and we are on the Fast Track to more success. MLSP was the best business decision we've ever made. MLSP Rocks!!!! "

Angela Hardy

"It is an honour and a privilege to be a member of the MLSP Master Marketers Team. I am excited to be given the opportunity to give back to such an amazing community of entrepreneurs. MLSP has provided me with the mindset, training and resources to take me from busy mum, with the struggle of trying to juggle 3 year old twins and no knowledge of internet marketing at all, to (still busy mum!) being offered a place on the Master Marketers Team due to my results! So what's the key? That's easy – just get in, get active and stay consistent. The resources and training are all there inside MLSP for you to use – but you need to USE THEM! Believe me, 'lack of time' and 'lack of technological skills' are no longer acceptable excuses… both can be overcome through the MLSP system! "

Dustin & Tracy Wisnowski
The Woodlands, Texas

"We have always had entrepreneurial spirits, but we struggled to find a balance between time and financial freedom. When we got into the network marketing industry, we knew it could be the vehicle to finally help us find that balance. Unfortunately, it didn't initially work out as we expected. We quickly ran out of people to talk to about our business and scoured the internet to find a solution. In that search we landed on a video about MLSP and instantly knew this was exactly what we were missing. We immediately plugged into the system and training and studied how other leaders were getting results. The magic happened when we got focused and started implementing exactly what we were learning step by step. This community is unlike anything on the internet and we are so grateful to be a part of it.

Ron Gelok
Pittstown, New Jersey

When Network Marketing and Internet marketing first was introduced to be I was so incredibly excited and believed that this would work for me. However, it wasn't the same as it was portrayed to me. I was struggling…hard. Doing everything my upline said and pretending to be someone I wasn't. I burnt out the warm market of friends, family, and referrals. I bought tons of courses, seminars, and live events and I still couldn't get traction. It wasn't until I was introduced to MLSP where I really starting massive results and success. Making a decision, not a goal, that MLSP would work for me was a powerful catalyst for change in my life.

Since joining MLSP back in December of 2009 my journey has been and continues to be one of fulfillment and has aided me in living a life that touches, moves, and inspires and invokes change in lives of those working with me. With what I have learned from the trainings, members of the community, and my personal faith in God I've had the humbling and grateful experience to sponsor 300+ people, create 12+ residual income streams, launch a Christ centered coaching business, win affiliate contests, become a top producer, and have the freedom to give to charities and volunteer my time at places that change lives. Thank you so much MLSP and thank you for reading this. You are exactly in the right place and I want you to know that if you are here with this system that you have everything you need to succeed and I believe in you!

Tanya Aliza
Penticton, British Columbia

"First off I'm very very Grateful every day! I'm from Vancouver and yes, I'm a west coast girl. I love to surf and travel, which is the main reason I worked hard to leave the corporate world. My background is in Finance Management but in 2009 our market took a plunge. After searching for a way to supplement my income, I found this wonderful industry that we call Network Marketing and I got to work. Actually, to be completely honest, first I got frustrated, overwhelmed and failed and......then I had a Break Through that allowed me to retire my JOB. In this era Personal Branding is exceptionally important if you want to build a strong following that will pay you for the rest of your life.....It's all about finding your Personal Unique Value and Knowing How to Monetize it with Leverage! MLSP has been a God Send to my Business and Brand!"

Cesar L. Rodriguez
Wilmington, North Carolina

"When I first got started in the Direct Sales/ Network Marketing industry 12 years ago I was a 21 year old broke college kid. I was clueless and lost, but managed to become a top earner because I understood the power of leveraging systems and surrounding myself with people who knew more then me. My original success was achieved primarily by mastering offline, prospecting, closing, and team building techniques. So naturally, when I knew I was ready to take my business to the next level and master the art of online lead generation and business building I repeated my original success formula and found the best system to leverage, (which is MLSP by a long shot) and I surrounded myself with the best leaders in industry. I'm now honored to be considered a friend an equal to many of them and to be a MLSP MMT leader to help and inspire those in this awesome community to achieve their dreams and goals."